Builders Patio Door Keyed Exterior Handle (Right-Hand)

Price: $23.50
Replacement Right-Hand Keyed Exterior Builders Patio Door Handle Kit includes: Handle, Key.

"Handedness" of a sliding door is expressed as seen by an observer outside the building. A left-handed door opens on the left side, and a right-handed door opens on the right. These relationships are sometimes described with the letters O and X, where O is the fixed panel and X is the sliding panel. The O/X notation allows the description of doors with more than two panels.

Sliding-door terminology[1]
Denotaton Panels Panel motion Description
OX or right-handed 2 Right panel slides left
XO or left-handed 2 Left panel slides right

PDF: Builders Vinyl Patio Door Exterior Keyed Handle Replacement Instructions.pdf
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