Balances control the movement of the sash in a single or double-hung window. The tension of these balances may diminish over time with normal use. Difficulty opening a window or a window that won’t remain open once it’s raised are both indications that the balances may need to be replaced. Balances should always be replaced in pairs.

How to determine what you need

1. Find the part on your window

A.) Remove the sash. Use one of these videos for reference:
VIDEO: Single-Hung Vinyl Window Tilt Sash replacement
VIDEO: Single-Hung Vinyl Window Side Load Sash replacement
VIDEO: Double-Hung Vinyl Window Tilt Sash replacement

B.) Locate the balance
Balances are located in the frame of window, on the left and right side. In single-hung windows, the balances are located in the lower part of the frame. For double-hung windows, balances are located at the top and the bottom.

2. Find the stamp

The size and strength of the balance is either stamped or imprinted on the balance itself. Side Load balances have two numbers; the length of the balance followed by the strength (for example, 10-2). Tilt balances have a number and a letter; the length followed by the strength (for example, 16 B).

Example Side Load Balance
Example Tilt Balance

To view the replacement balance for your window, enter the stamp from the balance in the search box at the top of the page or browse to the Side Load Balances or Tilt Balances using the links below.

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